Saturday, January 24, 2009

Belly Cast

37 weeks pregnant-nice and round!

Don't worry, I have on undies! But, you can't tell because my belly overtakes EVERYTHING!

Thanks to Jennifer Allen, Grace's mom, for the gift of so many things throughout my pregnancy and most recently a professionally done belly casting!! Josh and I arrived at Baby Moon this morning and he took pictures of Donna putting a "cast" around my preggo belly!! We LOVE it and can't wait to paint it, or put blankets in it and lay Hudson in it to sleep once he arrives! Either way, it was a pleasant experience and I'm proud of myself for being confident enough to sling off all my clothes and feel comfortable in my own skin. I think as a pregnant, 25 year old woman I should be to that point in my life, and I'm happy to say that I am. A little self-booster there I wasn't expecting. With only 2 weeks to go life is filled with back pain, braxton hicks contractions, painful movements in my pelvic bone, waking every 1-2 hrs hours at night and moving really, really slow. Oh yeah and I have some awesome acne. I feel like I'm....well....I never had bad acne as a teen, so this is new. It bites! I am still giddy, though, about the thought of holding our baby boy...our baby...our son. Sigh. =) Life is good, indeed.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome Mercy!

Mercy Kathleen Goodrich!!!!

7 lbs, 19", January 14th @4:10pm

The proud new parents! Kim & Jordan

Not so pretty...getting to the point where I don't care what I, or my house looks like. Can't move around as swiftly...haha. 35 1/2 weeks here.

Mercy was born at home with a midwife assisting Kim and Jordan through everything. Kim was 2 weeks to the date overdue, but her labor only lasted 3 hours total! It wasn't medications-all natural, but all worth it. Kim and Jordan are nestled quietly at home with their baby girl of only 2 days old. No hussle and bustle of the hospital or nurses coming in and out of the room to change her catheder. Just them. Aaaaah. It's beautiful and they are so happy they finally have their baby girl!! Congrats guys!
I on the other hand, am miserable. My stretch marks are climbing and itchy! Noooo! I sleep in 2 hour increments. It hurts to stand up, sit up, squat down, lean over--whatever. All worth it in the long run. I can't wait to hold our baby boy and lay on my back. haha. =) Josh has been magnificent. Just wonderful. I love him.
Oh yeah, and I turned 25 on January 11th. =)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive!

Christmas Day: Lexie, Jared & Us w/Cane (our puppy!)
Lexie and my dad being silly

My baby shower from Kim

New Year's Eve with Ash and Justin!

Let the kisses begin for 2009!

Wow, it's been weeks since I've been on here! We went up to Indiana/Ohio for Christmas on a whim and didn't return until New Year's Day. I have been relaxing and sleeping as much as I can due to the large baby boy occupying my uterus. My c-section has been officially scheduled for February 9th at 9am! He will be delivered at St. Joseph East Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. That's all assuming he decides to wait another 4 weeks! At this point people are like, "Are you ready to pop?!" Uuuummm, yeah, I am, but he isn't! A whole 'nother month to go! I'm sure it will go just as fast as this whole 8 months has.

My 4th and final baby shower is this Saturday the 10th in Lexington. We have so many clothes and things/contraptions thrown in Hudson's's just chaos! And I'm too tired to organize anything at this point. Josh is lucky I have managed to prepare 2/3 dinners this week, and one of them I had to verbally walk him through everything! "Get the chicken of the top shelf of the fridge and cover it with butter and spices. Bake in oven at 375 degrees for about an hour. Have this ready when I get home from work and I'll prepare a side dish." Haha. The word "spices" was lost in translation and when I got home he had only put butter on it! He said he wondered why I just wanted butter and figured it was just a craving or something. It turned out just fine. It's PVF organic can't go too wrong there. ;)

Poor Kim was due December 31st and is still waiting as of now for her baby girl to arrive! January babies are pretty cool, though, so I understand!

My niece will be 4 years old tomorrow (Jan. 8th)! Josh's step-sister, Martina, will be 12 tomorrow. And Josh's mom, Kim, will be 50 tomorrow! I will be 25 on the 11th and my mom's birthday is the 25th. There's more...but I'll stop there!
Pregnancy joys and complaints: I still love feeling him move around and watching him alter the shape of my belly. I think it will feel weird with him not inside me. I think I will feel empty...but I am overjoyed at the idea of being a mother and holding him and caressing his soft face and watching him with his daddy! It is hard to stand up from sitting, painful, I mean. Painful to sleep on one side for too long, and painful to turn over, lift up a leg, and whatever else you can think of. I can definitely still stand to be pregnant for as long as it takes. I'm trying not to say "I'm ready to have this baby!" I think that will jinx it. So, when I'm ready, I'll say it.
Our neighbors moved away (tear) and left us their big screen HD TV! So we proceeded to get a digital converter box------stupid digital TV sucks! SUCKS! CRAPPY! Always cutting in and out like a scratched up DVD, which also SUCK! Can we go back to VHS and analog TV, please? I am NOT happy about the switch. Grrrr. We also bought a flat, fancy antenna that is supposed to help with all the crappy cutting in and out, but it still doesn't help. We just get basic channels, so we live by ABC, CW, KET, NBC, and CBS. That's Bachelor & True Beauty on Monday's, Biggest Loser on Tuesday's, Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice on Thursday's, and Numb3r's on Friday. Yes, we have become TV people.

I will be 35 weeks pregnant on my 25th birthday this Sunday.

That's all I have for now. Peace out.