Saturday, January 24, 2009

Belly Cast

37 weeks pregnant-nice and round!

Don't worry, I have on undies! But, you can't tell because my belly overtakes EVERYTHING!

Thanks to Jennifer Allen, Grace's mom, for the gift of so many things throughout my pregnancy and most recently a professionally done belly casting!! Josh and I arrived at Baby Moon this morning and he took pictures of Donna putting a "cast" around my preggo belly!! We LOVE it and can't wait to paint it, or put blankets in it and lay Hudson in it to sleep once he arrives! Either way, it was a pleasant experience and I'm proud of myself for being confident enough to sling off all my clothes and feel comfortable in my own skin. I think as a pregnant, 25 year old woman I should be to that point in my life, and I'm happy to say that I am. A little self-booster there I wasn't expecting. With only 2 weeks to go life is filled with back pain, braxton hicks contractions, painful movements in my pelvic bone, waking every 1-2 hrs hours at night and moving really, really slow. Oh yeah and I have some awesome acne. I feel like I'm....well....I never had bad acne as a teen, so this is new. It bites! I am still giddy, though, about the thought of holding our baby boy...our baby...our son. Sigh. =) Life is good, indeed.

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Kristin said...

How fun! I've always thought those things were so cool :)