Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm back!

Our sweet baby boy on his first Christmas! He is so much fun!

Well, thanks to Rachel Wyman I decided to visit her blog and wandered back here!

Hudson is sitting in his high chair grinning at the ceiling, covered in green beans. He insists on eating himself now. Such a big boy! He will turn 11 months old this Friday! He has 8 teeth, is standing up on his own and walking several steps before he plops down and crawls like turbo man to get to his next destination! He points at everything now. He is sweet, happy, smiling, loves to explore, loves spoons, and thinks it's hilarious to eat my toes. He fights to get his diaper changed and twists and turns his body in ways I didn't know a child could manuevar! I adore him so much, I just can't explain it in words.
I am pregnant again, if you didn't already know! I've been craving stir-fry and seafood. I was pretty exhausted and nauseated in my first trimester, but feel much better now. I'm 15 weeks, which puts my due date at June 26th. I am attempting to have a vbac (vaginal birth after c-sec). I am also attempting to do it unmedicated! Wish me luck. (Ha.) I am kind of scared because I have no idea how to have a baby naturally. I have alot of studying to do!

In other randomness: It is winter here in Kentucky and our pipes to the kitchen hot water, the washer, and the drain to the bathtub are all frozen. I mistakenly thought I had a drip from the kitchen faucet last night and so now we have ice cold water. Did I mention that we don't have an automatic dishwasher? Yeah. So, darn, the dishes won't be done tonight. =) It was interesting all day trying to clean up Hudson after each meal and snacks without hot water. We made a few trips back to the bathroom sink to clean him up. He enjoyed washing his hands and playing in the water. He also grins ear to ear when he sees his reflection in the mirror. And he points to himself. Too adorable.

We have mice. They live under our cabinets in the kitchen, behind the fridge and behind the stove. I can hear them when it gets quiet and dark. (naptime, bedtime). I have attempted traps, but they just keep coming. I have caught around 8 since we moved in, in July. Oh and there are babies. One decided to chill on the floor and Hudson found him and was petting him. I freaked out. Immediately washed Hud's hands and the poor, cute baby mouse was moved out to the cold. Sorry buddy.

I have changed since having Hudson. I am a mother now and my priorities have dramatically changed, for the better. I had a beer last year on Josh's birthday. That was my first and last drink since having Hudson. I am breastfeeding him still, which I am very proud of and plan to continue until he weans himself off. I listen to country music now...Hudson enjoys it and so I have taken a liking to it as well. =) There are no more nights at the dance club or the bar. My clothes are sweatpants and button down shirts and nursing bras. I wear my glasses unless I go "out" and my outings are the grocery store or a rare visit to a friend. I've been to church more times in the past 2 months than I have in the past 2 years. While I don't always feel "cute" in the pj's that I wear for days at a time before changing-I do feel like a good mother and a more at peace person. I am grateful for having a baby. He makes my life better, more purposeful, more complete. I can only imagine what having another baby will be like for me, for us. =)

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Paige said...

Jamie! I'm so happy to see all these changes that being a mother has brought! You sound like a wonderful mom and I'm sure another little one will just encourage and continue to foster that in you.

Major kudos on the vbac! I didn't realize that they "allowed" that in Kentucky! That's wonderful. In Ohio, the insurance companies have their hooks in so deep that one c-section obligates you to forever have c-sections. Very dumb, imo.

And, I LOVE country music! I how long did you last living in KY before being "converted"? haha.

It's good to see you back in blog-land!