Thursday, August 6, 2009

6 months on Saturday!

Well! Hello 5 1/2 months later! First off, our nephew, Ezekiel is a big 1 year old today, so Happy Birthday to him! We just can't believe how time flies. We are so happy he is healthy and developing the way he should be. (He was born 3 months premature). I love you Kristin-you are such a good mommy and you should be soooo proud of yourself. xoxo.

Hudson is AMAZING! He said da-da yesterday (mumbling of course), but now he says it anytime he babbles; he is crawling (just happened this week); he can stand up if he has something to hold on to at the right height (but I have to be guarding him from behind because his little feet don't stay on the ground at all times.); he giggles with me; he rolls; he jumps in his jumperoo; he's eating baby cereal; he's still breastfeeding so well; he naps in his crib during the day and sleeps with me in bed at night. It depends on the night as far as how often he nurses. sometimes it's every 2 hours, and other nights it's once or twice. I don't feel the need to "train" him to sleep through the night when Josh is working 3rd shift and I don't see any harm in it since we are in the same bed. I am half asleep while he nurses anyway. No worries...I don't roll over on him or anything. I sleep like a rock-don't move at all. He is working on getting his bottom teeth in. I can tell it bothers him. He is always chomping on my or Josh's fingers.

Wow...the last video I posted he was teeeney!! Here is a recent one!!

I forgot how long those take to upload! Jeeesh.


Kristin said...

He looks sooooo wonderful! Oh I just want to scoop him up and kiss him!! I love you Hudson!!! You must be so proud of him, already starting to crawl. What a cutie pie. I miss you guys!!!!

The Peterson Family said...

Isn't it handy to just have dinner right there and ready?

Paige said...

Haha, I love the new layout! Like that website, I see. ;)