Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So much to do!

Well, we ended up leaving on Thanksgiving day to head up to Indiana and it wasn't bad at all. We borrowed the farm truck, which has heated seats, so that was amazing on my pregnant tush! Josh usually isn't a hand-holder, but any chance he had he was grabbing my hand while we were driving. So cute. He is in awe over how big my belly is getting; he loves talking to him and giving him kisses. I am LOVING this bonding stage we are going through as a married's brought us a lot closer in just these past couple of weeks.

After Thanksgiving we stayed with friends for the weekend and had such a nice time. I also had 2 baby showers, which were both great and filled the truck-stacked FULL of presents! I went immediately to work on Monday morning after driving for 6 hours....haven't had much time to put all the gifts away. There are still a bunch sitting in the living room.

Josh left at 4am to head up to Pennsylvania with his dad for a farm conference. I think it's for dairy...not sure. They won't get back until Saturday...and I miss him already. =( I at least have the baby's room to get ready. That will keep me busy after work.

I made lasagna last night! I haven't made it since we were first married so I didn't really know what the hell I was doing. Thanks to Teresa it came out great! I think I called her 3 times before I figured it out! lol. I wasn't going to boil the noodles and already had the first layer down with cheese on top when she said, "Did you get the no-boil noodles?" "Oh shit!" was my response. I just had to pick them up and scrape off the cheese mixture (which included cottage cheese-pretty messy!) and then boiled them. I didn't start cooking until after work so my goal was to have it ready and eaten by 8:30pm. Task accomplished!

I had to have it eaten by 8:30 because I was fasting for the 3 hour glucose test I had this morning. I got there at 8:45am and she took my blood before having to drink this clear, sugary drink. Then at 10, 11, and 12 she took my blood again. All while NOT eating. The first hour was the worst because the drink made me feel not-so-good. The 3rd time she stuck me it hurt enough for me to say "ow!" and then it bruised immediately, but the other 3 sticks were fine. I have to be careful how I bend that arm now, because it is sore. I won't find out until tomorrow or Friday how the tests came back. I will let y'all know. There was another woman in there for the same test and our due date was exactly the same! February 15th. She is having her 3rd girl! We also discovered we are both from Indiana and live in the boonies now. She lives near Berea (which is an hour from the hospital) and we live about 35-40 minutes from the hospital. She said they are inducing her a week early, so we might be there at the same time. Just kinda funny to me. One other thing! Josh proposed to me at Monument Circle in Indianapolis and then we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe afterwards and this woman's husband proposed to her in that same H.R.C. in Indy. We had a lot of time to talk.

Our nephew, Ezekiel, was "supposed" to go home from the NICU on Monday, but wasn't able to afterall. The doctors said he isn't gaining weight fast enough so they are still stuck in Houston, TX. Please pray/hope that he continues to pull through and can go home soon! We love you Kristin, Daniel, and Ezie--you're doing so good!

I think that's all for now. I will post baby shower pictures at a later date...when I have time.

So much for wanting to write a blog per day! Ha! I was ambitious!


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Kristin said...

Ooh yay lots of baby presents!! I'm glad you had some showers-- it's hard to go buy all that stuff otherwise. I wish I could have been there!
I laughed at the lasagna story! I don't know why they even make the cook-noodles. They should just make the non-cook kind. Who really wants to cook them when you could just NOT cook them? :)
We're going home TODAY!!! YAY!! I will call you soon! I miss you!
sending lots of love up to you and your little boy!!