Tuesday, February 3, 2009

80% effaced!

So, today I called the doctor all nonchalantly just asking for some advice about the bloody show/mucous deal. I usually have to leave a message for the nurse line and then they call me back within 15-30 minutes. Phone rings. "Yeah, Dr. Greene wants you to come in RIGHT NOW!" Well that was at 2:00 today and they penciled me in for 3:30...but we didn't get there until 4:20. It was snowy and windy and the roads weren't ideal. Plus we had to pack our bag in case they needed to admit me to have the c-section (and I had to wait for some clothes to dry in the dryer!!). Dr. Greene had left the office by the time we got there so we got to see Dr. Butler and I like him alot! Better, actually, but whatever. He check me out and I am 2 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced! They hooked me up to check for contractions for about 10 minutes (didn't have any) and sent me home. He did say to pay close attention to contractions if they get close together or even just a little painful. 12 days ago I was completely closed up and 0% effaced, so it could go quick! That, and both doctors have said he is a big baby boy and that makes a difference if there's nothing holding him in anymore! (IE. the mucous plug and the thickness which refers to effacement.) I didn't understand what that meant until just now when we went in and he showed us a picture! Haha.

So now our bags are packed, the house is clean, the car seat is put together, and we know it will be soooon! If nothing happens before Friday I am supposed to go in to the hospital for blood work and another appointment at the doctor's office. I was all shaky and sweaty when scrambling around the house before we left! I knew it was coming in 5 days, but I wasn't ready RIGHT THEN! It was a mixture of excitement and panic that I had to pack and dry clothes and put the carseat together! (Thanks Jennifer for helping me with that!) Now I'm calm and ready. 

On another note, we are buying a mobile home to put on the farm!! We are mailing the down payment to the owners tomorrow and we will be moved onto the farm by March! We are sooo excited to get rid of the monthly rent payment...especially at this time in our lives. We found it on Craigslist.com and it's actually just on the other side of Garrard County. We just have to figure out how to transport it over here. The people we are buying it from have been great and even offered some hand-me-down baby items!

Well, it's off to (possibly) the last night as a married couple before parenthood! 



Nathan and Aimee said...

How exciting! Let us know if you guys need anything! We will look forward to meeting your little guy :) Enjoy your night together. The Arnolds

Kristin said...

Oooh yay I just can't wait! HOW exciting! I can't wait to see your little guy! I love you Hudson!