Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bonfire on the farm!

Prayer before our family bonfire dinner. September 25th, 2009
Martina, Teresa, Sophie, & Winston Jr. (My in-laws)

Winston Jr & Sr., Lynda, & Kim

Josh & I on the farm. =)
I am about 19 weeks pregnant here.

Mark & Caitlin on the farm. =)
Caitlin is about 29 weeks pregnant here.

Josh with his little sister, Jasmine.

Caitlin & I with our lil Pike baby bellies!
I'm having a boy & she's having a girl!

Kim & Jordan Goodrich. Jordan works/lives on the farm!
Kim is about 25 weeks pregnant here! (Don't drink the water around here unless you want a baby!)

This is hilarious. We had a big fire going & Josh was being silly.

So they all joined in. This was too hot to fix the food on. Just a fun time!
Mark, their Dad & Josh


Kristin said...

Oh wow how fun!! I am sooooo wishing we could have been there! :) The picture of you and josh in front of the old house is such a great shot!! And I just LOVE seeing all the pregnant bellies! There will be so many babies!! SIGH. How wonderful! Babies are great. I'm sad we couldn't be there, but I'm glad you all had a nice time. :) I miss you!

Teresa said...

Aww, good times, good times. Thanks for posting.
By the way, anyone who might be wondering, NO, I'm NOT pregnant, just still carrying baby fat from Sophie... and she's adopted!!! LMBO.
Three babies later, I don't have the body I used to in my 20's. :-)

Nathan and Aimee said...

I love fall! What a fun fall family thing to do!

Kristin said...

Teresa you look lovely!

Nathan and Aimee said...

Hey, when are you and Caitlin and Kim due? We think all you Pike's are going to be great parents! I want to find out more about Kim's homebirth too. Where are you going to deliver, Jamie?

J. Pike said...

Aimee-Caitlin is due December 8th. Kim is due December 31st. I am due February 8th. Kim is having her midwife come into their home on the farm and attempt an all natural pool birth! We're all excited for them and hope it goes great! Thanks for the compliment! We are excited to be parents =)

J. Pike said...

Oh, and St. Joseph East!

Kristin said...

Jamie you should tell kim and jordan to make a blog. :)