Saturday, October 18, 2008

Plan? Ha!

I amaze myself that I attempt to plan anything in my life. I had a 5 year plan before I graduated high school, after I married Josh, and for this weekend. Well, I'm a silly girl!

5 year plan before high school graduation:

May 2002- Graduate High School
Fall 2002-Spring 2006- Attend & Graduate from University of Indianapolis with a degree in Elementary Education
Meet my husband in college
Summer 2006- Get married after graduation
Fall 2006- Get a Teaching job
Fall 2006-May 2007- Buy a House
By May 2007-Start having babies/get pregnant

What actually happened:

May 2002-Graduated High School
Fall 2002-Summer 2006 Attended, Partied, & didn't graduate from UINDY (yet!)
July 2005-Met my future hubby!!!!!
December 2005-Got married to Joshua Pike =)
December 2006-Moved to Kentucky
Spring 2007-Attended classes at Eastern Kentucky University
--stopped attending classes with one semester left to complete to work full-time
Summer 2007-Spring 2008-Became supervisor at Starbucks full-time
*No degree, no house, no teaching job, no babies (yet).
----------------(end 5 year plan)------------------------------------------------------
February 2008-June 2008-Worked as a server at Saul Good (made damn good money!)
May 2008-Got pregnant!
July 2008-Contract until July 2009-Full-time Nanny
February 2009-Have our first baby!

But, you know...I don't regret anything! I will get my degree, it's just that I'm being smart about paying for my last semester. I didn't want to continue getting loans and accruing interest over time. Our goal is to be debt free, and continuing school would have contradicted that. Plus, I was happy with my job at Starbucks and was in no rush. I'm still young, and still have a lot to accomplish in my life. I love our apartment. It's plenty big, brand new, and we have an extra bedroom for the baby! And I'm a nanny now, so I'm teaching! I love my job & it fulfills my teaching dream. Plus....I don't know that I want to teach in a classroom setting anymore. I just want the degree.

As for this weekend, well, HA! Last night we bummed it around the house and I made banana chocolate chip Belgian waffles ale mode. Yes, it was delicious! We were gonna go to the movie but were too tired by the time we should have left to see the 10:00 show. Then at about 12:30am our home phone started ringing. We were in bed and didn't get up to answer. Then Josh's cell started ringing. I'm thinking to myself....oh crap.....somethings wrong, somebody is hurt in the family (all this stuff with Teresa going on is what popped into my head). Then someone was knocking at the door! I immediately thought it was Josh's dad coming to say something terrible. As I dashed to the door with my purple sash wrapped around my pregnant body I eagerly opened the door and was relieved and kind of surprised that Bradly Carver was standing on our front porch. This is Josh's good friend who lives in Louisville. I told him to come in and was still half asleep (even though I had all these heightening thoughts) when I went back into the bedroom and woke Josh up to say Bradly is here. He got up with a smile on his face and searched for his pants to throw on. I knew my weekend wishes were ruined at this point. Poor Brad just left everything in Louisville and came straight to our place. He was asked to leave his job, found out his partner was cheating on him, negative in the bank, and depressed. He is living with us for the weekend. It's ok, he needs Josh, and Josh needed him.

What actually happened this weekend:

Friday: Cuddled (no problem there!), ate waffles, went to bed.

Saturday: Ate biscuits and gravy, watched tv, ate cheeseburgers, chocolate candy bars, took a nap, & tonight Josh & Brad attempted to visit friends in Richmond, but they weren't there. So, they came back! I was so happy to not be alone for the night.

Sunday: Sleeping in, and hopefully making apple cider!



Kristin said...

I'm jelous of your yummy waffles!

Nathan and Aimee said...

Just so you know, Nathan and I are totally for the name Shepherd, but it would only let us vote once. So you should really count another vote for Shepherd. And I don't think I would have ever thought of it as a dog's name. I just love the thought of a shepherd tending his flock under the stars...It sends me to the birth of Jesus where the shepherds were tending their flock by night.

Teresa said...

Awww, thanks for thinking of me in the middle of the night! Glad it wasn't us! :-)
I'm doing okay still, had a bit of a fever lately but it's probably okay to have my surgery on Tuesday. I will find out tomorrow as I go to Dr. Duncan and to pre-op in Lex tomorrow.

The waffles sounded good, I like your list of foods you had this weekend! Only a pregnant woman could get away with all that! LOL