Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hi, my name is Jamie and I'm a choc-o-holic, sweet lover, and sugar craver! So I was raised as a junk food junkie and didn't have a problem with it. Little debbie's and ice cream were always stocked at our house. I was a teenager and had great metabolism. Then I went to college. My metabolism slowed down and I started binge drinking on the weekends. Who didn't? That's what college is for! lol. So, I met Josh and he is NOT a junk food lover. He is the guy who looks on the back of the package of chips and reads the ingredients. The first time I saw him doing that, I asked, "Why are you reading the ingredients? Hahaa!" His response was, "So I can see all the shit I'm putting into my body." We were at a gas station late at night and desperate for a snack. After that night, my eating habits changed...or so I thought. I stopped eating fast food on a daily basis and cut out pop. I lost five pounds in the first week! I started pilates at home with a DVD I bought from an info-mercial. (1st time I ever did that!) My point here is that I LOST weight after we got married. Most people GAIN weight. So, I'm pretty proud of that. It was a total of about 15 lbs I kicked. Yippee! Then, we started eating the organic food that Josh raised on the farm. Even better! I will NEVER eat Tyson chicken again. (blah!) Almost 3 years later after meeting my love and making the lifestyle change, I pretty much kept the weight off within 5 lbs.

Then I got pregnant. =) I am now 23 weeks pregnant with 16 weeks to go (having a c-section at 39 weeks) and have just reached my weight from 3 years ago when we got married! I'm pretty stoked about that! I know I have some more to gain, but I figure I'm doing pretty good! And it's mostly just my belly, which makes me a happy camper! I always hoped I would be a cute pregnant lady and I think I am. I hope so, anyway.

Back to the sweets. I have craved donuts since the minute we conceived. Not just any donut; a very specific donut. It has to be a cake donut with chocolate frosting. Burke's Bakery in Danville and Kroger have these. Well, so does Dunkin Donuts, but the last time I got 'em from there the icing was chincey. No bueno. I want my donut dripping with chocolate frosting! And Burke's is the best place for that. And I can get a dozen for only 6 bucks. Holler. The past 2 weeks it's been snicker bars and butterfingers. Ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough was just bought from the grocery store today and it's waiting for me at home. I've already had my snickers and a chocolate covered chocolate chip granola bar. Hey at least I got some whole grains in there! Half the ingredients I bought from the store today were to make pumpkin pies, cheesecakes, and cakes. They will all have cool whip on top of them and most have sweetened condensed milk in them.

This is BAD! Our child is going to be addicted to sugar! I swore I would continue to eat healthy for the sake of our baby's nutrition. I do still eat good stuff, it's just I have some sort of sugar at least once a day-usually more. I didn't think cravings were real until I got pregnant. Well, they are and they are strong! Apologies to my little baby in advance. I love you and please forgive me if you are a sugar addict.

I don't know if I want to be THAT parent that denies my child's right to sugar. It's not technically necessary for our growth and development, but ooooh is it good. Plus, most kids can totally pull it off and not gain a pound. I guess that's the least of all the things I'm faced with as a new mother. Whew! I'm looking forward to it, but sure don't know what in the hell I'm doing. I think I'll be pretty awesome at it, though. I've always wanted to be a wife and a mommy. I feel like one of the lucky ones in the world. I'm so happy! =)

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Nathan and Aimee said...

I know totally what you mean with the cravings--but don't fear! I ate nothing but chocolate and strawberries with Lydia and she wouldn't eat chocolate at all until very recently. I don't think it's possible to influence your children's future of sugar consumption in utero. Also, I know what you mean about denying your child's right to sugar. I think about our children's nutrition all the time and it seems like I'm the only one! Everyone else is always trying to give them junk food all the time, so I just try to feed them as healthfully as possible when they are at home with me on our every day schedule and to just be a little more relaxed when we are elsewhere. Seriously, our kids would eat an entire bag of chips if I would let them, but I won't! We have sweets at home too, but we try to make our own sweets instead of buying them and we only buy tortilla chips and pretzels instead of all the really bad kinds of chips. I don't want to be too strict because I'm afraid that they will go sugar and hydrogenated fat crazy when they get older, but I will not ever just sit back and willingly let my children guzzle soda with every meal or raid the candy as a snack. A snack in our house is something that will actually fill a tummy and feed a hungry belly instead of a hungry mouth. Yeah I talk, but Toby had a few french fries tonight. Waht can I say? Everything doesn't go according to plan. :)