Friday, October 10, 2008

We're having a boy!

Hello all! Welcome to our new blog! Everyone else in the family has this thing, so we might as well join the bandwagon. =) We are so stoked to be having a little boy & can't wait to meet him! We found out on October 1st that our lil baby has a penis! (see picture, above). It wasn't hard to spot at all. We both laughed out loud in disbelief of how obvious it was that it was a HE. lol. I had no idea what it was until the morning of the Dr. appointment. Then, I felt like I was seeing "signs" that it was a girl. Josh never claimed to know or guess what it was, but I was wrong and that's okay with me. I'm tickled to have a boy first, and hope he is as healthy as can be. I hope for him to be the big brother that the rest of our future children will look up to and see as a role model.

We aren't choosing a name until he is born so we can see what he looks like. But, right now our top two names are Shepherd and Hudson. His middle name will be Evans, after my maiden name...which is also Josh's middle name, his dad's middle name, and his grandpa's middle name. Whew! Got a lot of family covered in there!

I will be 22 weeks along in my pregnancy on Sunday October 12th. (About 5 1/2 months.) Last night I could not get comfortable in bed! I guess it's gonna be like that for the rest of the time. The worst part (which isn't too bad) is the lower back pain I have now. If I could just get Josh to give me those massages the midwife perscribed...haha. We don't have a midwife, but my doctor's office has one on staff. When I met with her a few months ago she wrote out a "real" perscription for Josh to administer back massages every night specifically around my tailbone area, and she signed it with a smilely face.

The best, absolutely best part of being pregnant is feeling him kick! I wait every day for a nudge, a kick.... anything. It makes me smile and I talk to him. I poke back at him in hopes he will retaliate. Josh felt him move for the first time last Saturday!! (October 4th).

My next appointment is the 30th of this month. I think they said I'm getting my finger pricked for blood to do tests for sugar levels or something. I have no idea.

I suppose that's all for now. Thanks for reading. Love you all!

Jamie M. Pike