Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keeping Busy

Well today is Tuesday and I apologize for no blog yesterday. Haha. I really want to write a blog everyday...we'll see how that turns out!

Let me tell you about my job. I am a nanny to Grace who will be 2 years old on November 14th. She is very well behaved, happy, eager to learn new words, has blonde hair, and big beautiful brown eyes. Jennifer and Anthony, her parents, live just across the road from us and the farm. It literally takes me 2 minutes, count 'em, 2 minutes to get there. So...me being the notoriously late person I am, scored big this time! Even if I leave AT the time I'm supposed to be there, I am only a couple mins late. Which, I still need to change all the clocks in my house because they're all different...because as hard as I try, and think I'm going to be promptly on time, I'm not. It's kinda like living on campus at college again. I always rolled out of bed for my early classes and showed up in sweat pants and a t-shirt. Aaaah I hated class. Haha! Loved college, hated classes. But in contrast to that, I LOVE my job. Jennifer, Grace's mom, is totally cool. She is all about going green, recycling, organic food, works out, adores her daughter, and has been generous enough to hand me down maternity clothes, baby books, baby clothes and toys...you name it-she rocks. I feel very comfortable when I am here. (Here now! Grace is taking a nap.) Both Jennifer and Anthony work from home, so one of them is at least always here in their basement offices. They travel alot for work, so this week it's just Anthony here. The point in you knowing that is that I'm working overtime this week while Jennifer is out of town--no complaints here! They pay me time and a half like any other job does, and should. Yay! =)

After work last night I accepted a babysitting offer from my in-laws so they could have a date night out. Off at 5:30pm, babysitting at 6-11pm. Long day, but great! Josh is still out of town, so this was perfect for me. Otherwise I'd do nothing at home and moap around wishing he were there with me. He will be back tonight, for sure. So, I hung out with all my little sissy's last night! Martina is 11 years old-she's my little bud. I think we have alot in common. Except I'm pretty sure she's smarter than me! Not kidding! She is homeschooled by her mother, my step-mother-in-law. Got it? She is taking an advanced level of curriculum and is ahead of the program and only goes to school for half of the day. That's how fast and knowledgeable she is. Good job Mar! Then there's Jasmine, or Jazz, as we call her. She is 3, going on 6. Tall, lanky, boyish but totally a princess at the same time. She lives on a farm, come on, she has to be a bit tom-boyish. She runs around barefoot everywhere and loves to sing you songs---twinkle twinkle little star or just ones that she makes up on her own. Haha, and the songs are great! She could totally be a songwriter--just like her mommy! Teresa is a Christian songwriter/artist and has her own CD! Last but not lease is Sophie, who is 2. She just joined the family from Kazakhstan and is loving her new home in our family. She is truely one of the Pike's. She just struts around and yells out grunting sounds and laughs. lol....it's making me laugh out loud just thinking about her. She's so funny. We ate pizza last night, played hide and seek, read some Dora the Explorer books, and laughed with each other. Did I mention this was the first time Teresa and Winston "left" Sophie alone with anyone?! It was, and it was ME! I feel special. She did awesome and I'm so proud of her.

So now Teresa is in Cincinnati with Sophie for 4 days doing a series of medical tests to make sure she is taken care of properly. I couldn't begin to tell you some of her medical issues, please just pray for her. Teresa also needs prayers because she just got out of the hospital herself this past weekend with esophogial ulcers! (In other words, she couldn't eat for a week, was dehydrated, starving, in severe pain when she swallowed a tablespoon of water to get her medicine down, and had a fever that wouldn't come down.) She was also supposed to have her pacemaker replaced, but couldn't because of the fever. Now, she is having that surgery next Tuesday and her arm will be in a sling for a week after that. That's a hard thing to deal with in itself, let alone not be able to pick up your small children. Her October has been spent sick and in hospitals-no one deserves that. We should appreciate being bums at home on the couch, if we can.

Well, I think that's enough information for one blog! I become disinterested in long ass blogs, so I will stop now. Love y'all!

Jamie ;)


Kristin said...

ooh yay a picture! She is so stinkin cute and I love that little green dress. :)

Congrats on watching Sophie all by herself!

Love ya :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Jamie- I think you speak too highly of me! Glad you didn't share how I'm a slob, scatter brained, and always behind. I'm thankful you are a part of our lives - especially with how much Grace likes you. Can't wait to meet Hudson or Shepherd! Jennifer

J. Pike said...

Jennifer-lol. That is why you're great...because you can understand me as a bum, scatter-brained preggo, and when I'm often behind and late. I am becoming addicted to Grace...her hugs always make me smile! =)