Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bored out of my mind!

Sooooo, Josh drove up to Indy last night to hang out with the guys & I'm at home doing NOTHING. I attempted (for hours) to put a slideshow on my blog homepage, but it was disatrous. Ugh. I'm whining here, so bare with me. I'm hungry but "have no food." (ie. too lazy to make anything and would prefer it if Papa Johns could deliver to me out here in the boonies!) Colts are playing right now and I have my Manning jersey on. Go Colts! I have yet to get up from the computer to turn the game on. That's how lazy I'm being. Haha. Kristin called me today!! Yay, the best part of my day so far! Thanks sis. =) Poor thing had to get off the phone to attend to her part-time job of breast pumping for Ezie. (Well worth it PT job! Keep it up hun.) Josh started "organizing" the living room and left all the clutter, books, magazines, picture albums, etc. on the floor. It's right in the path of walking, but I am not too motivated to pick it all up. He'll be home tomorrow night...I might just leave it for him.....even though I said I would pick it up and told him not to worry about it. Gosh, I just get so lonely without him! I got married for a reason! I don't want to be alone, damnit! Of course I have had my "I need to get the hell away from here and have some fun with friends moments myself" but now I'm pregnant and hungry all the time and I just want to cuddle! Haha. I think I'm gonna have a bowl of GoodFriends Kashi cereal with some raw milk and take a nap. That sounds great.


kyle said...

hahaha this is a funny blog entry by you!!! We would LOVE it if you could visit the last week of October...not just for the moving help; but TO BE ABLE TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN!! If you get lonely tonight; call Sarah...she loves the phone! ;) hehehe Talk to you later Jamie girl!

Kristin said...

I'm sorry you miss your darling so much. You do have part of him with you in your belly! ;) He'll be home soon, refreshed and glad to see you. :)

I love you!