Saturday, October 25, 2008

Farm Pics!

This is Florence, one of the dairy cows.
Cute baby piglets!

First of all, I got a new camera! It's a Canon Powershot SX110IS and I am in love! I tested it out at Target and discovered it was my favorite among their selection. It was out of stock. Good thing too, because I wrote down the name of it, went home, and searched the web for a better price and succeeded! $40 cheaper! Wooot woot! I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday. I was totally stoked; I know I'm such a hippie, right? Or is that surfer lingo? Whatever, I try to use a little different vocab. every now and again.
Today I decided to take a picnic to Josh on the farm! I ordered pizza from Bill's Diner, which is just down the road (takes 5 minutes to get there). I filled up a couple of Ball Mason Jars with water, grabbed my camera and went to get the pizza. I was blasting the radio on the way back to the farm and was soo excited to surprise Josh with this whole thing. We haven't had any picnics on the farm this year, which sucks because we did it quite a few times last year and it was fun!
Josh & I-Pizza picnic on the farm=)
Me trying to get a belly shot.

After our picnic on the trailer I took some shots of the animals and attempted to collect eggs, but there were NONE! You should see my baking cabinet...just waiting for eggs to make pies, cakes, cheesecakes, and cookies-oh my! I guess I'm going to have to drive up to Lexington this week and stock up on what Whole Foods has to offer. I just can't go back to what Wal-Mart has to offer. Egh. Also, I'm about to attempt my first I hope it works. It's of the turkeys.

I am officially on vacation for one week! Yay! I have enjoyed it so far with my hubby by doing nothing. Aaaaah. I love it! I'm so excited for Halloween because Josh is going to paint my baby belly like a pumpkin and it's going to be so cute! =)

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Kristin said...

What a cute picnic picture! You guys look so happy. :)